Men Over 30 – Jealous Lovers

Well, the title pretty much says it all here at men over 30 for this one. See, these two guys aren’t a couple per say, but they do have feelings for each other and they quite enjoy each other’s company when they get alone time too. lately they have gotten pretty jealous as they both suspect each other of having someone else to play with. Well long story short, they find out that that’s not the case, and what better way to celebrate and cement their relationship than have a good and hard fuck today? Sit back and enjoy the amazing view of this menover30 scene here today and check out another amazingly hot and juicy scene with horny studs playing dirty!

Both of them as you can see sport some sleeve tattoos that make them look quite good and as soon as the cameras are all set to roll and show them off, see them undressing each other as they get to be all touchy feely with one another too. Oh and kissing passionately too of course. Anyway, it seems that they ended up in the bathroom too, so watch them getting to fuck hard on the tiled floor as they just couldn’t contain their hornyness any more. You can see the two  happily getting to fuck all over the place for you and they know they have your undivided attention for this one for sure. Come back again soon to check out a new and sexy scene with another hot couple!


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