Men Over 30 – Phenix Saint and Isaac Hardy

Isaac Hardy is the  new men over 30 and he is struggling to do his best because the boss is pressing him, but he is well behind with the work and he is afraid of getting fired. He decides to do some extra hours and finish a series of reviews. Phenix is getting ready to leave the office when he see’s Isaac working at his desk and asks him if he would like to go and have few beers.

When Isaac tells him that he needs to finish his work, Phenix offers to help him but as you are going to see, Phenix is going to help Isaac with one condition. They finish the work sooner then they expected and there’s no one in the office except them by then. Phenix is hungry for Isaac’s cock but Isaac is afraid of doing anything sexual in the office. Phenix however takes out his big hard cock and starts jerking off reminding Isaac that he owes him one. Isaac gets on his knees and starts sucking Phenix’s cock hoping to finish him off fast but then Phenix wants to return the favor and he starts sucking Isaac’s cock. After getting his ass fucked hard, Isaac shoots his big load all over the desk. If you want to see some hot military guys in sexual activities, go to and check them out now. You will find lots of cute straight guys getting their cocks sucked and ass fucked by big hard cocks. Have fun and come back soon!


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