Men Over 30 – Not Cheating

Another fresh week and as you can see it’s time for that classy men over 30 scene to be delivered to you as usual without delay and fail. You know we always have the best of the best to show you and this show isn’t any different either. We are always attempting to make the site your go to place when you want to see the hot guys having some truly sensual sex experience that they get to put on camera as well. So with that in mind, let’s get to see a new pairing of our hot gay studs as they get to play sensually in their menover30 scene for this week shall we? We bet you’re eager to see some more asses fucked hard too!


It was a nice afternoon and it looks like the two came back from taking a nice and long walk outside. The only problem there was that they were too horny to carry on and had to come back home and play rather than fuck in public and risk getting caught and fined. And besides, that bedroom bed, is waay more comfortable to get to fuck on. See the paler of the two bending his sweet ass over and watch as he gets to have his anal plowing delivered by the other guy in such amazing style today that it makes him moan constantly. And with that we take our leave once more. Enjoy the view of it all and there’s more past scenes to see as well if you want more before the next update!

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Wrestling Coach

Hey there guys and gals. It’s time to check out a new and fresh men over 30 scene here once again and boy, do we have the one to interest you fully for the afternoon. The show that you get to see here today is one that’s truly one to check out as there’s three guys playing, and they are two studs and their wrestling coach. It looks like the guy wanted to give them some private lessons and they had to stay late after schedule today. And by teach them, you can of course see that that meant having some steamy sex. Let’s see the menover30 getting down and dirty and let’s watch their simply stunningly hot gay fuck this afternoon without delay!

The men over 30 get to start off the whole thing with the two understudies getting undressed and letting the coach grope them and touch them all over their sexy naked bodies. Rest assured that they enjoy this a lot and it looks like this isn’t their first rodeo either. Eventually, the old guy kneels down and you can see him sucking the two guys off to make sure that their cocks are nice and hard and ready for the next part of this amazing scene. Which of course has all three of them taking turns between being, fucked, fucking a tight ass, or sucking, or getting their cock sucked today. It’s truly the perfect threesome to check out for sure and we’ll see you next week with a sexy new show too!


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Men Over 30 – Jealous Lovers

Well, the title pretty much says it all here at men over 30 for this one. See, these two guys aren’t a couple per say, but they do have feelings for each other and they quite enjoy each other’s company when they get alone time too. lately they have gotten pretty jealous as they both suspect each other of having someone else to play with. Well long story short, they find out that that’s not the case, and what better way to celebrate and cement their relationship than have a good and hard fuck today? Sit back and enjoy the amazing view of this menover30 scene here today and check out another amazingly hot and juicy scene with horny studs playing dirty!

Both of them as you can see sport some sleeve tattoos that make them look quite good and as soon as the cameras are all set to roll and show them off, see them undressing each other as they get to be all touchy feely with one another too. Oh and kissing passionately too of course. Anyway, it seems that they ended up in the bathroom too, so watch them getting to fuck hard on the tiled floor as they just couldn’t contain their hornyness any more. You can see the two  happily getting to fuck all over the place for you and they know they have your undivided attention for this one for sure. Come back again soon to check out a new and sexy scene with another hot couple!


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Unloading at Work

We’re back to the workplace set this week to see another pair of men over 30 getting to be nasty with each other and as you can see they were quite busy with each other too. The two guys this time are seemingly renovating the place and it seems that they took a break to have some other kind of work. The kind of work that requires them to bend over and take some man meat in the ass too. So yeah, the two studs in this scene can be seen taking their sweet time to fuck all over the place for the afternoon and enjoy every second of it. Take your time to truly enjoy this sensual and sexy menover30 update with the mighty fine and sexy studs!

The guys seem to start off cutting wood and stuff but that soon has to be put aside as they just admire each other’s muscled and sexy bodies without stop and they seem to like what they see quite a lot. So yeah, once that’s settled, they just have a go at each other. And right as they start they get to remove only their pants as they are already mostly naked too. Watch the bald guy bend over first and foremost and see him moan as he takes it up the ass in a great way for a good portion of this. Then he gets to fuck the guy with the black cap as well. Have fun seeing them enjoying the steamy sex they have today and see you next week!


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Men Over 30 – Fix Everything

Another fresh week and time to check out another juicy and stimulating men over 30 scene with such guys as well. Well you have seen this older guy show off his expertise in past scenes here and he is back once more to teach some fresh meat on how to properly take it up the ass, especially from a big cock like his for this afternoon. Anyway, watch as he gets to teach the newly added guy to the roster how to enjoy the whole deal and you can bet that it makes for some amazing entertainment as well. With that being said, let’s see the menover30 getting wild and kinky with each other as they get to have their passionate fuck for the afternoon!


Once the action begins you can check the two our making their entry to the bedroom and they aim to use that nice and big comfy bed to the fullest this afternoon of course. Watch the younger guy getting to suck this stud’s mighty cock and rest assured that he had little issue to get him hard and ready in seconds. Once that was done he lays on his back and the older guy starts to slide in his ass, that mighty fine and thick meat he has. Watch him fuck the guy hard style missionary style today and have fun with the amazing show. We’ll be back soon with another show for you and you can bet that there is going to be more to see next week as well!

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Tantalizing Inches

This week’s men over 30 scene takes place in a place similar like last week. To clarify, we think that the setting is just perfect for horny gay guys that want to play and it always ends up being the most amazing thing to see yet. Anyway, coming back to this show here, the two guys were done with their workout too and the locker room and shower was right there. Take your time to watch the two getting each other dirty in more ways that just metaphorical in this brand new and juicy menover30 scene here and let’s get to take the time to check out yet another simply stunning and amazing gay fuck fest with the guys here shall we?

Watch the men over 30 lay the towels to get dry on the benches and you can see the bald guy wanting to be the one to take it today in the ass. He gets to bend himself over for his fuck buddy first and you can see his ass licked and rimmed by the guy to prep him for the next part in which he gets to take it in the ass in pretty much the same position. We bet that you’ll adore the amazing action that goes down with the both of them and we’re going to have more for you prepared to see as well next week too. But for now just have fun seeing the two hot guys fucking nice and kinky here today without delay. We bet that you will enjoy the magic that these two put on!


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Men Over 30 – Feed Me

Today’s new men over 30 scene is here to entertain you and guess where we get to go visit once again? It’s the locker room of pure love where lots of these hot studs got to play with one another so far and we can see another new couple getting to throw down and fuck each other senseless. Get ready to check out a pretty amazing and hot gallery here today and rest assured that there’s quite plenty of amazing stuff to get to check out with them. But let’s get on with the show as we know that this menover30 scene is one that you have waited for so that you may see some pretty eager studs getting to play dirty once again for the cameras and you!


As the show begins, you can already see the two guys getting naughty with each other as they drop their clothes off and present you and the cameras with those amazingly hot muscled bodies that they are so proud of. And you of course, get to see them kiss and caress each other to set the mood just right. See the hairy guy getting to lay on his back and watch him letting his clean shaven buddy to take a ride on his meat for the rest of the amazing scene. You can watch the guy moan in pleasure as he bounces up and down that nice and hard cock today. See you all soon as always with a brand new collection of hot guys playing kinky!

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Swim Team Massage

Hey there again everyone. You are back as always just in time to check out the new men over 30 scene that we have for you and it promises to be quite the juicy one yet. There’s a couple that likes to take it slow and passionate and you just have to see them getting to play with one another today without delay. The story is this, this guy was just done with swim practice and he was all set to be taken care of by the masseur of the team. And he usually likes to have some one on one time with the guy, and in this men over 30 scene you will get to see pretty much why. Not that it’s hard to figure out that they like to fuck every time, but anyway!

So yeah, this guy always wants happy ends to his massage sessions and he is very very happy to always get this guy all to himself too. Let’s take our time to sit back and relax as the studs get to have some fun with one another and to begin with you of course, get to see the masseur working his way up and down the guy’s body to make him nice and excited. Soon enough, you can see him turn the guy over and spread his legs and with that, you can watch him anally plowing his fuck buddy for the rest of this amazing and hot scene here. Enjoy the sensual time they get to have together and we’ll see you all next week with another new one!


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Men Over 30 – Backroom Scent

Hey there guys, we’re back with more horny men over 30 as well this week and we’ve got lots more of what you want to see go down here for the week. Of course, it’s more hot and horny gay studs that get to fuck hard for you and there’s no way that you can skip over this one, especially if you just adored last week’s little nasty scene too. So yeah, you get to see some more S&M play here today as this guy gets to take that nice and tight ass that this jock has and pound it hard style with his cock. Let’s get right into the action already as you want to see this menover30 show kick off and show off just how the two spent their afternoon fucking today!

Well, as soon as the show brings, the two guys get naked pretty fast and you can see that they are pretty ready and eager to party hard. Watch the blonde guy getting to work that cock of the old guy with his mouth and lips and see him sucking and slurping on it with a passion today to make sure that he’s rock hard and ready for that sweet ass of his. Once that’s done, you can see him bending over and eagerly getting to take it from behind from the guy too. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll have more for you to see soon enough. Bye bye for now and make sure to check out the whole amazing scene here today everyone!


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Relinquish Control

The men over 30 show is back and we’re back in action with some more truly amazing shows for you to see and check out here today. As you can see, the two studs in this naughty session for the afternoon have quite the naughty and sexy little scene to show to you without delay. And you can bet that it involves some amazingly hot and sexy S&M play too. The guys were all set to play in the naughty sex dungeon and they got to be naughty and nasty right there for you for pretty much the whole duration of their menover30 scene here. Anyway, let’s proceed with the show and see some more eager studs getting to fuck nice and hard shall we?

We know that some of you wanted to see the studs around here getting a bit more naughty with one another and this is the perfect occasion to see such naughty play today. So as it starts off, the two guys can be seen making their way to the wooden rack and first things first you get to see the sub tied up to it and his ass spanked on it as well. Pretty soon the dom was rock hard himself and he just had to get in his ass with his hard cock today. So anyway, enjoy the view of the whole thing and we’ll return again next week with a new and amazing update for you all to check out! Bye bye for now and do check the past scenes out as well for even more naughty stuff!


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