Unloading at Work

We’re back to the workplace set this week to see another pair of men over 30 getting to be nasty with each other and as you can see they were quite busy with each other too. The two guys this time are seemingly renovating the place and it seems that they took a break to have some other kind of work. The kind of work that requires them to bend over and take some man meat in the ass too. So yeah, the two studs in this scene can be seen taking their sweet time to fuck all over the place for the afternoon and enjoy every second of it. Take your time to truly enjoy this sensual and sexy menover30 update with the mighty fine and sexy studs!

The guys seem to start off cutting wood and stuff but that soon has to be put aside as they just admire each other’s muscled and sexy bodies without stop and they seem to like what they see quite a lot. So yeah, once that’s settled, they just have a go at each other. And right as they start they get to remove only their pants as they are already mostly naked too. Watch the bald guy bend over first and foremost and see him moan as he takes it up the ass in a great way for a good portion of this. Then he gets to fuck the guy with the black cap as well. Have fun seeing them enjoying the steamy sex they have today and see you next week!


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